Protexure Tips: Tax Season 2014

February 17, 2014
Tax season, for many CPA firms, is the most stressful time of the year. Although it is often the busiest time of the year, it might help to see this time as an opportunity to grow. Here are a few tips for a smooth (but still busy) tax season. 1. Focus on the client’s wants and needs The most important thing to remember during tax season is that the client comes first. This is a basic rule for every firm to live by, but it is more relevant when your firm is busiest. Return client calls, and resolve issues immediately and in a considerate way. Show them that you care, even when stressed and pressed for time. This is a great opportunity to build your relationship with your clients and to keep them coming back. It might even lead to some new business down the road! 2. Prioritize tasks by difficulty Do not let things pile up, especially projects that require a lot of time or research. The quicker you get these difficult tasks off your desk, the sooner you will be able to move to the next task. The most stress seems to come from projects such as these, causing you to work longer hours and miss out on precious sleep. This tip is particularly useful for small firms, where it might not be possible to simply flag a project for a later follow-up. This forces you to avoid delegation, and promote greater efficiency. 3. Spotlight on quality control Seasonal workers, combined with an increased workload, often lead to less focus on quality control measures. For example, an associate might make a common mistake on a tax return, and a manager may simply correct it rather than pass it back to the associate to make the correction. Try your best to avoid such situations, and not to promote the thought that mistakes will be corrected by higher-ups.  As a manager, you should learn the art of delegating responsibility, which will reduce your workload and alleviate unwanted stress. Do not change your work ethics or expect less from your employees just because it is tax season.  Instead, make notes, send them back for corrections and encourage employee participation - even if it takes more time. In the long run, it will benefit your firm and your clients. At Protexure, we are here to help small CPA and accounting firms get through tax season.  Please visit our website ( or call (888) 803-9898 for a Quick, Free Quote.  Our policy rates are competitive and geared towards the needs of small firms and solo practitioners.  Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and as always, follow this WordPress Blog for the latest news, tips and guides for small firms and solo practioners!

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