Company Overview

AmerInst Insurance Group, Ltd. has two segments of business: reinsurance, which includes investments and other related traditional activities that are dependent upon agreements with outside parties; and insurance, which provides professional liability insurance solutions for professional services firms under the brand name of Protexure.

As an insurance holding company, AmerInst has four principal subsidiaries:

  • AmerInst Insurance Company, Ltd.
  • AmerInst Investment Company, Ltd.
  • AmerInst Mezco, Ltd.
  • AmerInst Professional Services, Ltd.

Professional Liability Insurance

AmerInst Professional Services provides professional liability insurance to small to mid-sized firms through an agreement with Crum & Forster Enterprise.The programs for accountants and lawyers are branded under the Protexure name. AmerInst Insurance Company, Ltd. also provides reinsurance to Crum & Forster insurance companies for the book of professional liability business.

Background Overview

Domiciled in Bermuda, AmerInst and its parent company are subject to Bermuda licensing and regulation. Citadel Management Bermuda Limited provides day-to-day administrative management and shareholder services. These operating activities and management functions are performed under the direction of AmerInst's Board of Directors. The investment portfolio is managed by AmerInst Investment Company, Ltd.

Amerinst  Insurance  Group,  LTD. /// Providing  Protection  for   Generations  of  Professional  Firms