Frequently Asked Questions

What is AmerInst?

For over two decades, AmerInst has been offering professional liability insurance protection for small businesses. Founded by CPAs for CPAs, we are committed to our shareholders and to providing protection to generations of professional services firms. We believe that in an era of risk and regulation, no one should be without coverage.

Why choose Protexure?

Protexure is a brand name for our accountants' and lawyers' professional liability insurance programs which are customized for solo practitioners and small to mid-sized firms like yours. Large firms are specifically excluded to keep premiums low. The Protexure programs are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Do I really need Insurance?

Well over half of all professional liability claims made against accountants are derived from improper tax advice and from filing errors.Why gamble with protection? Professional liability insurance coverage protects you and your business against claims from frivolous lawsuits, disgruntled clients or charges of professional negligence. It can also pay attorney fees and expenses if you are sued.

Insurance is too Expensive - I can't afford it.

Is half a percent  to 1% of your firm's annual revenues really too much to pay for peace of mind? Consider the time and effort invested by law firms and expert witnesses in pursuing accountants for malpractice. It has never been easier for clients and third parties to make a demand against you and pursue it.

Did You Know?

Our streamlined and unique technology-driven sales approach makes it easy to complete an application, access policy information, renew and manage your account online and at your convenience.  We offer all the benefits you have come to expect from a professional liability insurance provider, including:

  • Consistent rates - no large increases
  • Easy online quoting and renewal process
  • No hidden, application or brokerage fees
  • Prior acts coverage
  • Policyholder risk management hotline

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