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We believe that leadership, commitment, teamwork and partnering with a company you can trust makes a difference.

professional Liability Insurance.

Technology has changed the way we do business - enabling us to get closer to our customers and respond to their needs.

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Strong capitalization and long-term commitment enable us to protect the next generation of professional firms.

Solo Practitioners and Small Firms are our #1 Priority Many Protexure customers have saved 20% or more. A risk-free quote is only a click away.

Amerinst Insurance Group: Ahead of the Curve

AmerInst Insurance Group has been serving the needs of professionals for over 25 years. As a reinsurer of professional liability insurance, our top priority is to protect solo practitioners and small firms from liabilities that may occur in servicing their clients. No one should be without professional liability insurance coverage. Yet, many firms are under-insured or fail to see that negligence and law suits pose serious risks.

Lawyers and accountants need to bridge the insurance gap. Abandon the traditional models of the past and look to the future. Our state-of-the art, technology-driven approach to professional liability insurance is only a click away.

A Leap of Faith or the Right Solution?

Our wholly-owned subsidiary offers competitive, affordable, professional liability insurance for lawyers and accountants. If your coverage isn't specifically designed for solo and small firms like yours, chances are you are paying too much. Large firms are excluded from our program to keep your premiums low.

We know the market. In fact, the majority of our Board and shareholders are Certified Public Accountants and CPA practitioners. To get closer to our policyholders, we continue to improve and innovate our platform. Credibility, trust and experienced leadership enable us to leverage the Internet to provide a better solution for professional firms.

Protexure: Here to assist you with all your professional liability insurance needs.

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As a small firm, your goal is to be profitable and productive. The right resources may change the way you do business. Take a test drive through our tech security blog series to deal with data security and privacy issues.


It’s never been easier to obtain professional liability insurance. Get a quick quote, online application, short-form renewal policy or ask a licensed professional to guide you through our web-based tools. There are no hidden application or brokerage fees. And, the policy is backed by the financial strength and carrier expertise of Crum & Forster Enterprise.


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