Protexure Accountants’ New Years Resolutions for 2014

January 20, 2014
Every new year brings  new challenges and  goals. What would your firm like to accomplish in the coming year? What can you do to add value to your practice and get back in shape for the year ahead?  No matter what your individual firm’s goals, we think the following resolutions can help make 2014 a year to remember. Reinforce your firm’s message As we head into tax  season, employees at any CPA firm can be overwhelmed  by the workload.  As you work through the busy season toward an April 15 tax-filing deadline, it is important to remember what your firm stands for and to reaffirm the fundamentals and core principles that have led to its success.  Hold employees responsible for conveying that message to clients. For example, if your firm advertises that it will provide superior customer service, make sure this is a top priority and a springboard to other client services. The new year is a great time to reinforce your message. Enhance employee efficiency Every firm has high expectations and would like to get more out of its employees.  But that’s much easier said than done. Therefore, a good resolution for the year ahead is to help your employees become more efficient.  Review the infrastructure and procedures in which your firm operates. Evaluate capacity management and make sure all employees have an understanding of the firm’s workload. This way, you can avoid the rapid reshuffling of resources when new work is obtained, while ensuring all employees feel part of the big picture. Of course, this only works when you have the right employees on your staff. Check out our post on Recruiting Tips for Small CPA Firms for more insight into this topic. Embrace mobile communication It is amazing to think that, within the past year, mobile devices have come such a long way. Although tablets and smartphones have been widely used in recent years, a more business-inclined version of tablet technology in 2013 led many businesses to use mobile devices more extensively than ever before. Integrating company-purchased mobile devices may be unfeasible for most CPA firms, but there is no reason not to incorporate a “bring your own device” policy in your firm. This is a practice that is becoming common among CPA firms, and allows employees to use their preferred devices. Remote engagement is incredibly easy with these devices, and they provide your firm with much better communication among employees collaborating on projects. And as you consider your New Year’s resolutions, take another look at your professional liability insurance policy to make sure that it meets the needs of your firm and its expanding client base.  For a quick quote or policy review, visit or call us at (888) 803-9898.  For the latest on small firms, including business tips and recent development, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Protexure Accountants’ blog.

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