How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #4

June 7, 2011
Be careful what you post.  Again, be careful what you post.  This week's social media networking policy tip is on postings. Tip #4 - Carefully Compose Postings.  Responses to postings should be carefully composed.  Exchanging thoughts on accounting issues could be construed as providing professional advice, something that the firm clearly wants to avoid.  It is one thing to offer up thoughts on the best name for a new team mascot and quite another to share  thoughts on establishing nexus in the neighboring state.  Any posting should be thoughtful, respectful and avoid providing information on issues of professional relevance.  The firm does not want to offer professional advice on online sites. For more information on Protexure Accountants visit our website at or click on this link for policy information onProtexure Accountants Professional Liability Insurance.

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