Small CPA Firm Issues for 2013

July 26, 2013

At Protexure, we pride ourselves in being a small firm advocate. Our dedicated staff is here to lend an ear whenever our clients have a concern about their business. After hearing what our clients are most concerned with in the accounting industry in the year 2013, we decided to compile them for your benefit! Here’s what we came up with:

Bringing in new clients, seasonality, client retention, and keeping up with regulations are some of the most-cited issues for our Sole Practitioner clients. All of these are issues that every firm must deal with, however they are especially important for a solo firm that depends on client retention in order to keep their business going. Like stated in previous posts, carving out your own niche is extremely important in a small firm. With advancements in technology and online marketing tools, many small firms are able to gain business outside their local area. Though keeping up with regulations from state to state is tough to deal with, it is (in some ways) a good problem to have.

For most of our small-firm clients, it is all about finding the right employees. As stated before in a previous post, one of the advantages of a small CPA firm is offering a quicker path to promotion than a large firm. When recruiting, make sure to cite that as a selling point to potential employees. See our Recruiting Tips for more on this subject. As always, bringing in clients and seasonality will always be issues that are vital to the firms success.

These issues are prevalent for all small CPA firms in today’s market, and Protexure is here to help your firm combat them, providing you with the knowledge you need to succeed. Visit the links below for some quality information on how to solve these issues at your small firm.

Finding qualified staff:

Recruiting tips for small firms

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Bringing in new clients and Client Retention:

Boosting revenue at a small firm

Social Media Success at a Small Firm

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