Protexure Tips: Technology Issues for 2013

June 10, 2013
Security & Privacy When dealing with sensitive materials (as all CPA firms do), Security should be at the top of this list every year. These sensitive materials are being shared more than ever through Cloud storage systems and mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.). The threat of these materials being misused is higher than ever, and something that every CPA firm must be aware of when implementing new technologies. Technology Implementation Change is difficult. For some more than others, it can bring frustration and negative energy into the workplace. For this reason, managers must keep technological initiatives in line with organizational goals. The motivation behind all initiatives must also be communicated well. Let your employees know why the new technology is being implemented, how it fits in with the goals of the firm, and how it will make their jobs easier. Return on Investment Many new technologies such as Cloud Computing and Smartphones allow CPA firms to access, use, and manage information instantaneously from any location. The challenge is to find the ones that are worth the investment. Go for proven technologies over new ones, and always stay within the budget when it comes to technology implementation. Managing Service Providers         It is extremely important to pursue the most reliable providers of any service, whether it be Cloud Computing or Security systems. Though they might be more expensive than the less reliable providers, the potential problems (fraud, loss of information, etc.) that can stem from an unreliable provider outweigh their cost savings. The agreements signed between your firm and the provider (typically referred to as SLA’s) should outline all terms and conditions of the service as well as how flexible the contract is (whether it can be adjusted or terminated). Credit: Accounting Today These are just a few of the issues in CPA Technology for 2013. Keeping these four issues under control will significantly lessen the amount of time and money spent on technological issues. Managing and implementing technology is especially important for Small Firms, and Protexure is certainly here to help! If you are a small CPA firm, visit our website or call us at (888) 803-9898 for a quick, free quote on Liability Insurance for your firm. Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and of course keep up to date with our WordPress Blog!

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