Introducing: Protexure Accountants’ Tech Blog Series

May 2, 2014
In 2013, companies across the United States adopted a variety of new technology. Whether it was moving to a Cloud storage system, or embracing social media, chances are your firm did too. While these new technologies can improve your firm in a variety of ways, their adoption comes with a fair share of risk. With data moving more freely through various networks, data breaches are a more significant threat to businesses than ever before. Furthermore, studies show that companies are attacked an average of 2 million times a week across the world, and that many of those attacks result in a quantifiable data breach. Data breaches, no matter the size of your business, will cost your firm money, time, and most importantly, trust. At Protexure, we consider customer service to be a priority in everything we do. Included in our service is educating both potential and current clients on how they can maximize the potential of their respective firms in a way that they can understand. As part of our Tech Blog Series, we will provide you with strategies and information to help your firm stay safe in the midst of a rapidly changing digital market. Being an insurance provider, we understand the products that provide data protection for businesses. While a sound investment in most cases, many businesses are confused by what is protected in these complicated policies and what is not. We aim to educate you on the specifics, so that you have a better understanding of what is being protected. We will also cover additional topics, such as firewall protection, password selection, encryption, and much more. Be sure to check back to the Protexure blog for our first post: Firewall Basics for Small CPA Firms! Protexure Accountants is a professional liability insurance provider, focusing on small to mid-size CPA firms. Our small-firm-focus translates into savings that we pass onto our customers. For a quick, free quote, please visit our website:

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