How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #1

May 17, 2011
We are excited to announce a new series of tips from Protexure Accountants on social networking in the business world today.   Every week we will bring you a new tip that we encourage you to put into practice for your Firm. Tip #1 - Comply with the Code of Professional Conduct.  As a CPA you subscribe to the Code of Professional Conduct, the firm does as well.  The Code of Professional Conduct proscribes minimum standards of conduct for all CPA license holders.  Adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct does not stop and start at the door of the office, it applies to all CPA license holders all of the time.  The Code also applies to the firm and its employees whether the employees are license holders or not.  The Code includes maintaining objectivity in everything you do.  It also includes maintenance of professionalism and discourages acts that may be discreditable to the profession. For more information on Protexure Accountants visit our website at or click on this link for policy information on Protexure Accountants Professional Liability Insurance.

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