Area of Practice Marketing: Tax Firms

November 18, 2013
As a small CPA firm, especially in the area of tax, it is tough to compete with the large firms. It might seem like many clients choose to go with online tax preparation services or a larger firm, simply because they hear about them more. What can your firm offer, that the larger firms can’t? We hope to help you answer that question below: Advertise an Experience Larger firms cannot offer the same degree of client engagement that your small firm or solo practice can. Many tax preparation services engage customers for as little as a few hours, and never really get to know their clients. With the tax laws & rules constantly changing, you want a preparer that is asking you all the questions needed to get the answers that will save you money, not just the ones that they have included in the software. Advertise the experience your firm provides to a client that chooses you. Make sure potential clients know that, when they do their taxes with you, they are making a connection with a person. Even after the work is done, leave the door open for any questions and future business. Your marketing strategy should focus on a more personal client experience. Focus on Client Education The tax laws and rules are varying shades of grey.  It is important therefore to know the risk you are taking when taking a specific tax position. There are many intricacies and new policies surrounding the tax process, especially for businesses. Many CPA firms, much less clients, struggle to keep up with differences in tax policies from year to year. Tax preparation companies are at a major disadvantage in educating their clients. They either lack the know-how, or do not spend time educating their clients on their finances and tax preparation. Through your marketing channels, inform your current and potential clients that you are open to questions and more than happy to explain everything you do on their dollar. Most clients won’t take you up on that offer, but your willingness to answer those questions is what counts. We hope these points help you to gain some clients in your small CPA firm. This is the first of a series of “Area of Practice Marketing” posts, so stay tuned to our WordPress blog for marketing tips on your area of practice. As always, make sure to Like! us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! If you are a small firm, we are here to protect you. For a quick, free quote on your Professional Liability insurance, visit us at or call one of our policy specialists at (888) 803-9898! We look forward to hearing from you!

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